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Tanaakk株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役田中翔一朗)は2022年9月1日付で自社アプリであるHITSERIES®︎CLOUD(ヒットシリーズクラウド)をリリースしました。当社はベンチャーキャピタル、パッケージソフトウェア、弁護士事務所を組み合わせることで、イノベーション型事業のゼロからの立ち上げから、シード、アーリー、ミドル、レイターまでの資金調達、東京証券取引所、米NASDAQへの上場(IPO)まで、10年単位にまたがる企業の新規事業へのイノベーション投資のライフサイクルに関わって参りました。HITSERIES CLOUDではポートフォリオ管理のベストプラクティスをシンプルなUIで実現できるよう、イノベーション型企業の創業者のために作られたタイム&プライオリティマネジメントクラウドです。 HITSERIES CLOUD

WBM selected Shoichiro Tanaka as Top 100 Innovation CEO

Sep 1st 2022 WBM ANNUAL CEO AWARDS – Award Winner: Shoichiro Tanaka Company / Organization: TANAAKK WBM secure the widest possible pool of top quality nominations and finalists, this year they processed over 40,000 nominees and through stringent 4-step process they selected 100 individuals that are making invaluable contributions to their industries through the championing…
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ImmuniWeb names Shoichiro Tanaka as to the Advisory Board

15th Aug 2022 Geneva, Switzerland / Tokyo, Japan – ImmuniWeb SA, a global application security company, is delighted to confirm nomination of Mr. Shoichiro Tanaka to the Advisory Board of the company headquartered in Geneva and serving over 1,000 customers around the globe. Mr. Tanaka runs a global corporate law firm and is a seasoned…
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TANAAKK got Best Cyber Security Model Award 2022

20th Jun 2022 Tanaakk got prize from W&F AI Global Media as “Best Global Cyber Security Model Provider 2022” TANAAKK’s HITSERIES®︎DevOps realizes quick scale of SaaS business starting from zero to several million ARR with integrated secruity monitoring tools. Crystal Trophy and Wall Plaque was delivered to TANAAKK K.K. office as winner reward.

TANAAKK got prize in Chiyoda-ward

3rd Mar 2022 TANAAKK got prize from Chiyoda-ward, one of the lagest city in Japan. There is 3 competitive element that they selected TANAAKK. Providing low-cost growth service offering by integrating software and applications from abroad that are not well recognised in Japan. Providing digital re-structuring service at low prices, which would normally be expensive…
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TANAAKK announced strategic partnership with AXIS (TYO:4012) for ImmuniWeb DevSecOps best practice distribution

4th Mar 2022 TOKYO – TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”) announced strategic partnership with AXIS CO.,LTD.( Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan CEO:Hirofumi Ogura, “AXIS”) about ImmuniWeb DevSecOps best practice distribution. Comment from Security Service Division, AXIS Cloud systems is increasing as customers realizes digital transformation, and this leads to an increase in the…
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TANAAKK placed US$100M commitment to new launched HITSERIES FUND

18th Feb 2022 The Tokyo-based cross-border startup delivering Growth-as-a-Service to their industry clients.HITSERIES is providing DevOps, RevOps and EquityOps for Fortune 500 SaaS portfolios. TOKYO – TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”)announced US$100 million initial commitment to new launched HITSERIES FUND investing FortuneGlobal 500 in-house SaaS startups and its related SaaS supply…
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TANAAKK HITSERIES Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Feb 11th 2022 Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to HITSERIES from TANAAKK to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies. TOKYO – TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”) today announced the availability of HITSERIES in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,…
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TANAAKK raised US$2M Series A from Musashi Seimitsu Industry (TYO:7220)

31st Jan 2022 The Tokyo-based cross-border startup delivering Growth-as-a-Service to their industry clients. HITSERIES  providing DevOps and RevOps for SaaS portfolios. TOKYO – TANAAKK K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”) raised US$2M at Series A round from Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange:7220 “Musashi”) . Musashi enters this strategic investment after…
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Cloud Computing: What is the Cloud?

Have you ever heard the word cloud? No, it’s not about the “clouds” in the sky. We’re talking about THE cloud or cloud computing. But what exactly is the cloud? According to Wikipedia cloud computing or simply ‘The cloud’ is the on-demand availability of computer system resources including servers, data storage, databases, networking, software, and computing power without direct…
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